Eka Wiryastuti Receive INewsmaker Awards 2016

 Populist economic program in Tabanan received appreciation from the team INewsmaker Awards 2016. As a government official , the Regent of Tabanan, Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti aside hundreds of other officials in Indonesia . INewsmaker Awards 2016 ceremony was held on Tuesday ( 24/5 ) and broadcast live on national TV stations networked iNews TV . The event was held in Studio 8 RCTI , Kebon Jeruk , West Jakarta, themed " Indonesia Unite " .

The Regent Tabanan, Ni Putu Eka Wiryasatuti  say Astungkara (gratitude ) the appreciation gained in the prestigious event. According to him, what he achieved it all for the people of Tabanan. "It's a form of synergy between all the components, which form together the people of Tabanan" he said.

Eka explained, the concept of democratic economy in the region comes from the major potential area of agriculture. "Our people's economy move from the village," said Eka.
Further explained, one of the flagship programs in empowering people's economy is healthy rice program. Where rice is produced through organic farming systems and farmers have certainty in selling their products. "The price is higher than two thousand rupiah compared to the market price. The market was opened wide through BUMDes, "he explained.
In Tabanan, BUMDes program is part of the Creative Commons Developing Economic Community (Golden Cage). For BUMDes existence of local governments provide startup capital of 200 million. "We are consistent to escort from upstream to downstream so that the economy is moving faster pave the way toward matching Tabanan," he added.
In the event there are seven categories contested iNewsMaker Award nominees, 2016. Among other things, the category of social, sports, phenomenal figures, celebrities, public officials, professionals, and lifetime achievement.