Japan’s Agriculture Graduates, Develop Colorful Corn

  • 02 Januari 2017
  • 21:04 WITA
  • News

Organic corn with grains of different colors such as red, white, black, yellow, purple developed by Helmi Musadi Japan’s agroculture graduates. Its harvested Monday, January 2, 2017.

To develop genetically modified maize since six months ago in an area of 15 acres in  Penatahan village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency.

Corn production in a variety of colors and original cob with a length of 15-20 centimeters, there is some degradation resulting color such as red, yellow, gray, black and a variety of other colors. Even in the corn crop has five or six cob. The multicolored corn maize named Bhineka. "Determination of color obtained from sunlight (ultraviolet, red), but to be able to produce the color we want needs to be a process," he said.
"Corn is sweeter and has a nutrient content is good, because it is processed organically," he added.

While the Regional Commander of Military District Letkol Inf. Herwin Gunawan who was also present in the crop confirms this activity in support of the military in pursuit of increased production of maize to maize self-sufficiency target in 2017. "We invite those who are smart and experts in agriculture to continue to make breakthroughs. And I hope this corn become the icon of the Tabanan regency in future, "he explained.