The Bali Tourism Office Invites All the Tourism Industry to Participate in Implementing the Contribution Program

  • 03 Februari 2023
  • 21:02 WITA
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The Bali Tourism Office Invites All the Tourism Industry to Participate in Implementing the Contribution Program

DENPASAR, - In order to preserve Balinese Culture and preserve Bali's Nature, the Provincial Government of Bali expects all parties to be involved. The Main Capital of Bali Tourism is Bali's Nature which is inspired by such a noble culture, therefore the sustainability of Bali tourism is very dependent on the preservation of Balinese nature and culture. This was conveyed by the Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office. Tjok Bagus Pemayun, while providing information on the tourist contribution program to industry players at the tourism office of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office (Dispar), Friday (February 3, 2023). "The purpose of gathering these tourism industry players is to accelerate the progress of the tourist contribution program, especially foreign tourists in accordance with Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2020 concerning Tourist Contributions, and Governor Regulation No. 27 of 2020, he stressed This policy was carried out considering that as a tourist destination, Bali's economy only relies on the tourism sector. It does not have natural resources such as oil and gas like other provinces.

On the other hand, the Provincial Government has not received significant revenue from tourism services. Bali's regional budget is only sourced from motor vehicle taxes. Tjok Bagus also said that the Governor of Bali's policy is a form of concern for Bali tourism which carries the tagline 'cultural tourism' which is quality and dignified. For this reason, he continued, foreign tourists who come and vacation in Bali are expected to participate in making contributions voluntarily, as a form of concern in efforts to protect Bali's nature, culture and environment, so that they can be sustainable

‌"This is voluntary, there is no element of coercion. "Tourists donate directly by scanning the We Love Bali application barcode which has been provided at hotels, transport cars, tourist attractions, restaurants and others throughout Bali, and all they have to do is transfer the amount donated," he explained. He said the tourism contribution policy had been launched on July 29 2022, and this policy did not burden the tourism industry or actors. These actors and the tourism industry only encourage and direct tourists to contribute as an effort to take part in protecting Bali's nature, culture and environment to improve destinations. "Our assumption is that the contribution of these tourists is 5 percent of the target of 4.5 million foreign tourists to Bali, which will be able to contribute as much as IDR 31.5 billion PAD to Bali in 2023. This is just an assumption as we go along, we will evaluate it weekly, including the payment gateway," he explained.
‌ Meanwhile, the Head of the Tourism Contribution Acceleration Team, I Gusti Agung Rai Suryawijaya, said that his party had made testimonials to a number of tourists. He said, tourists welcomed with enthusiasm. "They are very enthusiastic about helping as long as their contribution is used in a transparent manner,"  Agung Rai saidwho is also the Chair of the PHRI Badung. Gung Rai said that Governor Koster in developing Bali in accordance with the vision of Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali, organized fundamentally to create quality and useful tourism. For this reason, he continued, collective awareness is needed to maintain cultural tourism promoted by Bali. "In the four years of Governor Koster's leadership, the tourism ecosystem has been paid close attention to by building connected infrastructure, be it land, sea and air. In fact, building tourist objects, such as the Turyapada Tower, the Bali Cultural Center, restructuring the Besakih area, and plans to build a paramount in Jembrana. This is Governor Koster's concrete step to create Bali the Best Destination in the World," he explained.

The tone of support was also conveyed by the Chairman of the Indonesia Hotel Manager Association (IHGMA) Bali, Yoga Iswara. This contribution is voluntary for tourists who are concerned about protecting Bali's nature, culture and environment in a sustainable manner. "This is not only the duty of the people and the government of Bali, but all parties. Including tourists. This voluntary nature invites tourists who have special emotions to restore Bali. This is a very extraordinary step to take care of together, "he said. His party gave examples of several conditions in Bali that need attention. Starting from the availability of clean water, waste, to maintaining water sources. According to him, this requires a joint commitment to be able to produce better results. "So this is what we invite together by inviting tourists to participate positively in protecting Bali," he said. Asked that this policy was implemented too quickly considering that Bali tourism had just recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic, Yoga Iswara emphasized that this policy was not coercive. However, it is voluntary. "This policy is aimed at tourists who have special emotions, have a special attachment to Bali, as long as the program made from this contribution is carried out transparently. Both for tourists and the public, I think this will work. Because many other countries use a system like this. For example in the Maldives, in Japan, and other countries. In Indonesia, now in Bali, tourists have just started contributing voluntarily," he concluded. (Rls/Btnc)