Diah Ayu Inten Permatasari, S.Pd Graduated in the Open Session of the Ganesha University of Education Senate LXXI Graduation on 24 and 25 August 2023

Diah Ayu Inten Permatasari, S.Pd with her parents

SINGARAJA,Balitopnews.com - Many graduates who were graduated on Friday 25 August 2023 at the Ganesha University of Education - Singaraja in the Open Session of the Senate of the University of Education for the LXXI Graduation Ceremony on 24 and 25 August 2023, it appears that one of them was Diah Ayu Inten Permatasari, S.Pd who is the first daughter of retired AKP I Nyoman Subagia, S.Sos with Ni Gusti Ayu Made Agustari,

Retired AKP I Nyoman Subagia, S.Sos expressed his emotion and happiness when his daughter took part in the graduation ceremony and successfully graduated from Undiksha Singaraja. "We are very happy, and touched that our daughter has succeeded in achieving her dream of becoming an English scholar. Hopefully what she has now obtained will be of use to the people of the nation and country, especially in the field of education." Said Akp Retired Subagio accompanied by his beloved wife and daughter

Retired AKP I Nyoman Subagia, S.Sos did not forget to express his gratitude to the rector's supervising lecturers and all Undiksha Singaraja staff for their guidance and guidance to their daughter because she had successfully graduated. "We are very grateful to the supervising lecturers who have guided and to provide the best learning for our daughters." Said Subabia.

Diah Ayu Inten Permatasari, S.Pd, a girl born in 1998 from Tabanan Regency, graduated with a very satisfactory GPA of 3.42. Entering Undiksha Singaraja University and getting a major in English is a test result based on the results of searching for interests and abilities since high school. "Our child likes languages ​​because his father's genetics passed on to his children, even though his father is a high school graduate in science, he is happy to study various social sciences, including studying languages. Apart from that, our child is also active in social activities, such as when the Mount Semeru eruption occurred a year ago, our child Together with his younger brother, I Nyoman Bagus Wisnu Jayaningrat, they also made social donations in the form of food and clothing. If it's related to social issues, maybe it's because his father was a Scout." Said Subagia with a smile, who had attended defense language school Jakarta in 1990. (Amr)